wwwizer: Solve your naked domain problem. Easily put www in front of your domain name

I love services like wwwizer. It simple and solves real problem for so many users. It is so simple that you do not need user manual to use wwwizer. The best part is that service isfree!

Naked domain

Naked domain is simply a domain without ‘www’ prefix. In one of my previous posts you could read that there is a problem with naked domains. With most DNS providers you are not able to use myblog.com in CNAME record. What you can do to overcome this issue is to follow 2 easy steps:

  1. Create CNAME record pointing www.myblog.com to whatever your want.
  2. Create A record that points your naked domain to

Now all requests going to myblog.com will be redirected to www.myblog.comwww.myblog.com 
itself is CNAME. is the IP address of wwwizer service. What wwwizer does is that it detects if domain starts with ‘www’. If not, it redirects request to URL with ‘www’ in it. Part of the URL after slash(“/”) is preserved, meaning service will work for URLs having different paths, parameters, and anchors.


If you have a ‘naked domain problem’ you should start using wwwizer right now. It is awesome service, and it just works.