Running Rails dev server on port 80

If you want to run your Rails development server on port 80, and you are using RVM, you would have to do something like this:

$rvmsudo rails s -p 80

It will ask you for your admin/root password if you have one, and that is it. Or if you are using passenger for development(I do), you
may find this ruby script usefull:

#!/usr/bin/env ruby

CMD_LINE = "rvmsudo passenger start -p #{SERVER_PORT} --user=#{ENV["USER"]}"

puts "Starting passenger server on port '#{SERVER_PORT}'...n#{CMD_LINE}"

Copy/paste previous code, name ti something like start_passenger.rb, and give it exec privileges:

$chmod +x start_passenger.rb

Then you can simply start your development server by typing in root of your Rails app:

$ ./start_passenger.rb